Discipleship Foundations Series

Step 1: Salvation - English

The Christian Faith is about people putting their Faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour and to follow Him as His first Disciples did. The Christian Faith is about being born again. It is about confession and receiving forgiveness for your sins. It is about becoming a child of God. It is about becoming part of the family of God as His son and daughter. It is about becoming a citizen of the Kingdom of God. It is about being restored, finding your purpose in life, and ultimately finding and fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.

This Discipleship Foundation is designed for people who desire to, not just receive the Word with gladness, but to receive it and allow it to grow until a multiplied harvest is reaped. I pray, that through the duration of this discipleship course, you will commit your life to Christ, or, as you go through the sessions, affirm your decision to accept Jesus as the Lord and Saviour of your soul.

Jesus loves you and desires a deep and meaningful relationship with you. He wants you to be part of His Family. You were born for a purpose. I pray that you will enjoy this journey into a relationship with the Living God and in finding your purpose in life.

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