Discipleship Foundations Series

Step 4: Fruitfulness - English

The fourth phase of Discipleship deals with us bearing Fruit through consistently putting into practice what we've learnt, and by living a life of love, worth following, and shepherding those entrusted to our care.

This Step is all about producing fruit through application of earnt experiences and Gift discovery and use. I am always excited about this phase since it is always great to disciple obedient practitioners.

Jesus taught about the importance of putting the Word into practice on a number of occasions. We should carry that same expectation in our hearts for our Disciples.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Session One: Introduction to Step Four - Discipling Fruit Producers

    • Introduction to Step Four - Discipling Fruit Producers

    • Discipling Fruit Producers Summary

    • Preparing Our Hearts For These Messages

  • 2

    Session Two: Walking With Purpose

    • Welcome to Session Two

    • Introduction to Walking With Purpose

    • Walking With Purpose

    • How Do I Walk With Purpose?

  • 3

    Session Three: Building Purposeful Relationships

    • Welcome to Session Three

    • Introduction to Building Purposeful Relationships

    • Building Purposeful Relationships

  • 4

    Session Four: Priesthood

    • Introduction to Priesthood

    • Priesthood

    • Practical Steps

  • 5

    Session Five: Caring Compassionately

    • Introduction to Caring Compassionately

    • Caring Compassionately

    • How To Care Effectively

  • 6

    Session Six: Walking Worthily

    • Welcome to Session Six

    • Introduction to Walking Worthily

    • How Can I Walk More Worthily?

  • 7

    Session Seven: Walking in The Spirit

    • Welcome to Session Seven

    • Introduction to Walking in The Spirit

    • How Can I Walk More Consistently in The Spirit?

  • 8

    Session Eight: Practicing Hospitality

    • Welcome to Session Eight

    • Introduction to Practicing Hospitality

    • How Can I Practice Hospitality?